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I suppose before one has a requirement for a .com there might be a need for a product, and it struck me as 2018 stepped in that we had published our fair share of magazines over the last ten years, and with three new publications in process, alongside our regular quarterly issues, our time might have arrived to hang out a shingle as we go into our 11th year of production: of reading, editing, designing, and publishing the best of voices.

Eleven years is a long time in a life span. Isn't it. And we have a full archive of our work from our first day. I'm still excited about reading it, listening to the music, popping back into our older issues, but then that's the sort of draw that good scribes have, and the welcome they receive, the ageless draw of the beauty.

Over the next few months we'll be updating our products to include our full archive, and we'll be adding new products too, as we build our e commerce shop profile.

A profile that stays within our lit and art remit with a range of products that our readers will enjoy browsing and buying.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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The Guy Thing by Bruce Harris

Reviewed by John Holland --short fiction author and organiser of "Stroud Short Stories"

Like his last collection of short stories, 'Odds Against’, the proceeds from his new collection, 'The Guy Thing’, go directly to support the Huntingdon’s Disease Association. 'The Guy Thing’ has more in common with Odds Against’ than that. Again, Harris has provided a beautifully written and emotionally uplifting collection. Continue reading below...

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Illustrated: Purple Kisses

A Poem on the Wind (Our New Poetry Series)

This conversation between poet and artist has gone on forever, and this year "The Linnet's Wings" would like to explore it. What can an artist say about a poem and how might an illustrator expresses the sentiment that's trapped within 16 lines. -- 16 lines that might explode into a ball of energy as they drop into one's consciousness.

A poem that expands one's energy, can pull one's attention away from the regular media rough and tumble; from the fight for supremacy in goading media headlines, and leave one in a place that offers a better alternative, and it can tell a story: Poet's stories like artist's are everyman's too.

Kiplings' 'If' is one of my own favourites , and of course, Yeats' 'Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven' Both works are so well known and loved that once the titles are mentioned they immediately conjure up a feeling!

On the 30th Dec. 2017 ...The Linnet's Wings published an illustrated poem 'Purple Kisses' as an book. A short poem by Priya Prithviraj, that had been accepted for publication by our poetry editor, Oonah Joslin, and published in a previous issue of our magazine, came back to us, this time each line was layered by illustrations. Priya's illustrator, Nivedita Warrier, broke down the barriers, cut into the layers, and painted the picture from her pov. I have the tifs here, and they are beautiful.

To see inside the book or to buy the book please click on the link below.

If you would like to play this year, if you are a poet/illustrator, if you have partnered with an illustrator, artist or photographer, please send your work through to up at ...

One poem only with illustration. Page Count: Minimum, 20 pages to include art and text, please, on A4 in pdf or word format.

We'd love to read, muse, and admire your skill, and consider it for publication.

Available to Buy Here: Purple Kisses by Priya Prithviraj (Author)

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