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Welcome to our Web Project

Hi. We based these templates on The Linnet's Wings Web Design. They are designed for writers or for anyone who has an interest in The Arts and wants something a little different that's ad free.

If you are looking to buy a website or blog to showcase your work you might consider taking a look at what we have on offer here, by registering on our Get a Website Page and supporting us.

Your Control Panel

Your website is supplied with a Control Panel that enables you to easily change the content and design of your website as well as building your 'Portfolio' and 'Gallery' pages.

It comes with a large secection of art banner themes that you have free access to, but it also allows you to put your own stamp on the presentation by uploading your own banner and changing background colours, font settings, column widths along with lots more.

And no technical skills are required, all you have to do is follow the basic instructions that are introduced in your start up page, once you join, and choose a template to build on.

About Your Website

Your website will run on our fast server, which has a guaranteed up time of 99.9%.

We will also show you how to get a free domain name and show you how to point the domain name to our server so that it automatically runs your website.

We have our chatwings blog on Winter Issue site and a section on our facebook page to support the project, and chat with any of you that want further information.

The Cost

Amazingly just 5.00 Euros/ 7 Dollars / 4.50 pounds Sterling per month, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. No more than that cost of a store bought magazine

Better still you do not have to start paying now; you have seven days from the date you register to take a look at our design and make up your mind and only then will you be asked for your paypal details.

The Special Feature Pages

There are three types of SPECIAL FEATURE PAGES that enable you to display your Writing and/or Art and Photography to great effect; plus INVITE COMMENTS, and INTERACT with visitors to your website.

These pages are easily managed, and maintained in their own area of the control panel which you have full access to as soon as you join. Here they can be turned on or off and edited to suit your requirements.

Here is a little more about them

The Portfolio Page

This page had been designed so that you can display your current Portfolio in a polished manner.

Your Portfolio can consist of any number or type of 'Articles', and each 'Article' belongs to a 'Section', A typical example of section titles are: Poetry, Short Stories and Flash Fiction. Once you name your section and add the article(s) the menu picks them up and displays them on your portfolio page. However, as with all of our pages, this page can be changed to use with general content, and its width and height can be adjusted to suit your, or your project requirements, and it can be turned on and off.

To view an example of a Portfolio Page please click HERE

The Gallery Page

This page has been designed so that you can display your Art and Photography to maximum effect.

You can create as many Galleries as you wish and upload images to each of them.

Each image has a Title and an 'About Feature' so that you can tell your visitors more about the image itself.

To view an example of a Gallery page please click HERE

ChatWings or Blog Page

This page has been designed so that you can communicate and interact with the visitors to your website and invite comments about your work or any other topics.

Visitors have the option to become Members so that they can share in 'private' conversations and post public or private topics.

To view an example of a ChatWings page please click HERE

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